Morning: coffee and to-dos. Lists, logistics, and schedules. Dialing in–that is, tuning, not bytes.

Between: Before lunch rolls around the first crisis has landed. It’s not a real crisis but it’s something that needs attention in a marginally more urgent fashion than everything else. Either that or you’re already asleep somewhere up above 35,000 feet.

Lunch: quick but never hasty. Better when it’s long followed by a longer coffee.

Afternoon: The to-do list is now a half-useless piece of paper. It can neither be used to record new information, being full, nor be thrown away, being not fully marked off. Progress is quicker than expected but never fast enough. Thoughts now turn to medium term goals, defining aspects of projects and qualifying the Things To Be Done. This step feels both useless and absolutely necessary.

Sunset: It’s possible that you observe the sunset through the oval portholes of a jetplane. If so, sleep well. Otherwise, the day’s thoughts about strategy, policy, and “innovation systems” are slowing down.

Night: Where highfalutin thoughts have rested, new bits bubble up: pricing models, impediments, skill profiles, mechanisms of commitment, occasionally a walnut or two.

Meeting, by chance, in San Francisco Ben asked me, “Are you still in convection?”

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  1. Irene on May 2nd, 2012

    Perfect place to have a vacation– picture embedded, Im pretty sure that you will feel better and relax when you get there enjoying the breeze of the wind and the sunset.

    Irene from robe de soirée longue 

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