Back to the Filesystem

After a decade (!) of experimenting with various kinds of web content management systems to run my personal website, I’ve reverted back to the best CMS around: the file system.

Inspired by the work of Mr. Adam Mathes and wishing for a system that would handle the image-based content of my portfolio, I decided to ditch Indexhibit and write something quick from scratch. The result is this:


Which is the rendered version of this:


What I like about this system is that I can adjust the flow of the content by adjusting the alphabetical order of the files. To add new content to the page all I have to do is drag an image into the folder or create a new text file. A bit of hacked-up PHP watches the folders and re-flows the pages when anything changes. It’s like magic, where magic is defined as a weekend spent hacking in a pair of code languages that I only sort of remember.

So basically there are three points to this post:

  1. Props to Mr. Mathes
  2. There is still a lack of good CMSes for primarily visual material
  3. Oh yeah, my website has been redone

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