Losing (Our) Edge?

[These groups interested in architectural territory] are creating their own discourse from scratch, outside of academia. Architectural discourse has been supported by schools for so long that it is difficult to remember any other way. The fields of Service and Interaction Design seem to be supported by something more like the feudal corporate patronage structure that architects relied on in the Renaissance. That’s very interesting, no? Not the least because despite any purse or apron strings linking them to the corporate world, they still seem to want to talk about ideas, even some of the more out-there quasi-marxist corners of critical theory that academic architects like to frequent. That’s kind of fun, right?


Fred has a thought provoking post over at 765. The comments are also worth your time, I was certainly inspired to respond.

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  1. Cheryl on January 18th, 2012

    Well I think I have have some research on this to have a good comment, Well I guess Architecture is in its own world with regards to building designs and art.

    Cheryl from ponceuse à bande 

  2. rose on May 6th, 2012

    life’s like that. We are all different. Others opted to be in the field of architecture, who like to see arts and designs.

    rose from hachoir à viande 

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