Breakfast of Champions

Since I haven’t had the presence of mind to post anything that would fall into the typical pail, perhaps the world may find this recipe useful. It may be one of the biggest accomplishments of my adulthood thus far (and all I did was rip it off from the Roebling Tea Toom in Brooklyn).

Be warned, this is so good your face may explode:

1. Preheat oven to 350ish
2. Make yourself some french toast batter
3. Soak some bread in the batter till it’s nice and soggy
4. Stuff one the bread, slice by slice, into the spots on a muffin pan
5. Top with a little pat of butter
6. Bake will delicious
7. Make some sauce with pears and bourbon

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  1. Hung on July 4th, 2015

    Hi Anette! :-)Just had a look at some of your pictures from last days :-)Coincidentally a colpue of weeks ago I got a cold when I returned from London. For me personally it always starts with a sore throat then the following night the sore throat goes and sneezing and blocked up nose take over as well as feeling ill. Luckily though I had 4 days remaining of my annual leave so when I returned to work I was over the worst of it.I never buy souvineirs whenever I go to London. Instead I always seem to return with some germs or virus of some sort :-)I’ve read some of the previous comments about you been in hospital. Hope you’re ok :-)Have a nice evening Anette! :-)

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