Island Bathroom

Just a quick note that I’ve updated my portfolio with a new project: a 200 square foot master bathroom renovation for a house that sits smack in the middle of 120 acres of Walnut trees.

It was particularly fun to work with the unusual variety of local trades one finds in a rural area to complete this project. A shop that usually makes parts for tractors and bass fishing boats bent the sheet metal base for the island, all the pulls on drawers and doors were fabricated by a saddle maker, and somehow I managed to find a cabinetmaker who was willing to try his hand at milling a solid wood sink.

See the whole project at

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  1. Donna Sink on August 26th, 2009

    Bryan, it’s liberty bell here. I know I’m really late to this post but JEEZUS that is beautiful!! I’m literally drooling on my keyboard over this project. I love the leather handles, they’re exactly right with such a minimal materials palette, I love the little seat back in the closet area, I love the contrast of blacks in the slate and honeys in the wood – just gorgeous.
    This is exactly the kind of project I love best and strive to achieve: using the inherent beauty of materials and working closely with the manufacturers/craftsmen of said materials to make something totally custom but really very simple and logical. Fantastic. I hope your clients are grateful every day for it!

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