I Live Here But I Voted There

If you’re an American who lives overseas, chances are someone in your host country has quizzed you about the election. Sometimes it even seems like the rest of the world cares more about this election that the US does, which is more of a sad commentary on the US electorate than anything else.

Still, plenty of Americans do care about who we elect as president and make the effort to vote. Some of those people, like myself, happen to be living overseas at the moment and thus we’re left out of all the fun. No lines, no trip to the random community center you’ve never visited before, no levers: voting absentee is pretty civilized and wonderful, actually. The only snag is that you don’t get a sticker, and everyone knows that the primary reason to vote is because some old lady will give you a sticker!

So, if you live overseas, you voted in the US election, and you have a color printer you can now rectify this small oversight.
single sticker.jpg
Click here to download an A4-sized sheet of stickers (it’s a 4mb PDF).

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