Goodbye, Flatland

Live action styrofoam sculpted by invisible wires, extreme sections, nonsense biomorphism, beton brut, and robotic greenery: this is the lush world of Peripetics, a 3 minute video piece produced by Zeitguised for the inaugural exhibition of the Zirkel Gallery in London.


The stills don’t do it justice: the film is remarkably engaging- an intricately Barney-esque, self-referential world where Vaseline has been replaced by shaders and deformers and the rules of this world are abandoned. The invisible is made visible and then rendered virtual though relentless applications of sectioning techniques.


These issues will be a recurring theme as advanced spatial conception seeps into our popular culture. With video games regularly asking players to turn up into down, solid into void and off-the-shelf rendering technology reaching a point of perfection, we are now sending fleets of astronauts into an unknown world beyond our own. Media addicts are seeing cutaways, three dimensional manipulation, data, and flocks of fluttering pixels inflate flatland with a new vitality that is not only aesthetic but structural. With hindsight, work like Peripetics may some day prove to be more than simply something pretty, it may prove be an early instrument that leads us to new worlds.

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